Catrina Luz Aniere

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What are you working on? A birthday party! - a party to celebrate 21 years of leading a group of kids who want to change the world through a not for profit Millennium Kids Inc. Now the kids not only want to celebrate through a series of new programs in 2016 the kids at the helm want to lead with a bit of kid led disruption through innovation, so we are starting a company limited by guarantee – for kids who want to tackle the big issues!

What is your real passion, interest outside of work (something you can't stop talking about)? I sort of obsessed with my chickens. The least time I had chickens I was 10. Really, have you ever watched chickens? They are pretty interesting beasties. We can learn a bit from observation. So if I am not at Spacecubed you can find me in the chicken coop. Cant wait for the eggs, but more importantly can’t wait to drink my homemade limoncello! Great with ice on a hot day.

What can you give to this community? I have a creative brain and am happy to mentor, brainstorm ideas and chat about other people’s innovative ideas. I have 20 years experience in co founding and leading a not for profit, so have a bit of an understanding of the lay of the land. !