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Spacecubed is a Social Enterprise, supporting tailored coworking and office spaces, events, programs and a curated community of small businesses, sole traders, corporates and entrepreneurs.

We aim to influence positive change through the community, by empowering
and connecting 100,000 businesses and innovators by 2025. Come join our passionate, driven community of collaborators, helping build an environment fostering creativity and engagement.


Our flexible coworking options are designed to suit your needs. We have a variety of flexible coworking and permanent desk packages across two spaces, so you can find the right option for you.


Designed to meet the growing needs of our community, our unique world-class hubs are made to inspire, connect and support our members at every stage of their journey.

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Find collaborators and learn from entrepreneurs and industry experts. With an extensive range of events, be sure not to miss out.

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With purposeful engagement, a streamlined structure and valuable mentoring, find out how we influence businesses to grow, accelerate and deliver on their vision.


With purposeful engagement, a streamlined structure and valuable mentoring, find out how we influence businesses to grow, accelerate and deliver on their vision.

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Learn about the impact we are having by empowering schools, regional hubs, and social enterprises creating real change in their local communities.

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Our Latest News


Spacecubed has released the date for their popular SOLDER Summer Camp this school holidays. The next generation of makers (aged 12-17) will be introduced and inspired by new technology innovations and modern skills that are vital skills for kids’ futures.

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The Plus Eight program is a mechanism to help Perth continue to support a larger push for growth in the startup ecosystem.

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Derek Gerrard joins Spacecubed as the new Entrepreneur in Residence as Tim Brewer transitions to being a full-time entrepreneur again after leading two cohorts of companies through the Plus Eight Accelerator program.

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"JourneyOne joined Spacecubed over five years ago when we were just a small company. Over the years we have grown with Spacecubed and have enjoyed working in the heart of the Perth Start-up ecosystem. Spacecubed is a great place to work, meet other entrepreneurs, learn from tech experts and just feel the buzz."
chuen seet  |  journeyone co founder
"Working from home can get really isolating and so being part of the Spacecubed community not only helped me get out of the house and meet likeminded people but it also drastically changed my mindset which had a flow on effect to my business. I really believe you are the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with and so working at spacecubed greatly improved my average."
Karen Wojciechowski | Real Energy Food Founder
“Joining Spacecubed in 2014, I was looking for a work-space to do my admin and editing as a Commercial Photographer. Two years in, and had already joined a startup team and founded two of my own startups. Spacecubed was the catalyst I needed to bring those deep would-do-someday desires to fruition and reality. Besides the optimum location in the CBD, Spacecubed also brought me like-minded peers and fostered learning and growth. As humans, we thrive when in community...and to imagine a cultural beehive focused on like-mindedness, mentoring and cohesive success is starting to grasp what Spacecubed is to innovation, creative communities and the startup culture in Perth.”
Josh Fernandes | Commercial Photographer, The Creative Frontier