Is your small business facing challenges during COVID-19?

#AdaptDontStop, powered by Spacecubed

While the safety and well-being of workers is the first priority, many startup founders, business owners, and corporates are facing similar challenges regarding the current changes happening across Australia. Here at Spacecubed, we've launched #AdaptDontStop, a campaign to support those who need to pivot their existing business strategy in order to survive during this time of uncertainty.
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Share with us your current challenges.

How are you ensuring business continuity and adaptability?
We've created an online board where you can post your current challenges, and see if other business owners are facing similar situations. Here, we can help each other through this current crisis.
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Let us connect you directly to a mentor.

How can we support local and national business owners?
Through our local and global network, we can connect you with mentors willing to volunteer their time to assist startups and small business owners in the process of defining their strategy to survive the next six months.
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Join us for a of strategic workshop.

How are you conquering the digital divide?
To support entrepreneurs, business owners and professionals in the wake of COVID-19,  Spacecubed will be working with Plus Eight to host a workshop where participants can create new strategies and validate new business models within the digital world.
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Tools & Services to Survive COVID-19

If you're business is offering free or discounted services during this time, please email today to be added to this list, and help us support business owners.
Adobe Creative Suite

Adobe Creative Suite have implemented a number of customer-friendly programmes intended to provide continued access and discounts to their products. Click here for more.

To alleviate this time of financial hardship for many startups who have cancelled their events, video producer Jurgen van Pletsen from Perth Video is providing a 50% discount until June 2020.

Ammo Marketing's Thrive Kit

Ammo Marketing have put together some of the best tools and amazing examples of local small businesses who are rising to the challenge we're all facing together in 2020. Check them out here!

The H Factor

The H Factor have developed a business planning application, based on that used in The H Factor system, called strategise, a space to create clarity of your business strategy. Learn more here.

Skills of the Modern Age, Skill Kit

In this Skill Kit, Skills of the Modern Age have gathered some of the best resources out there to help you make the transition to a more networked, tech-enabled and collaborative way of working.

The Uno Group & Co

Uno Group are monitoring the effects of COVID-19 on Australian businesses with free Fortnightly updates on consumer trends to help Australian businesses understand the implications of COVID-19.

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