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Spacecubed's Online Community

Now more than ever, being connected is the key to a thriving community.

A virtual community, all in one simple location

Spacecubed is enabling communities to thrive through virtual events, networking, programs and activation to ensure both our members and the wider ecosystem stay productive through this challenging period.
Upcoming events and activities

Join fellow Spacecubed members

Below are the kinds of events we run for our Community each month.
If you'd like to be involved, either to attend or to guest present, please reach out to dicey@spacecubed.com to get started!
Workout with NES FITNESS
Monday mornings
Join fellow Spacecubed Members to take a break and get the blood pumping with a 30 min class suitable for all fitness levels.
Coffee Time with Community
Wednesday mornings
Grab a coffee and join us for 5 or for 15 minutes, our room will be open for 60 minutes from 9AM every Monday morning!
Business Bites with Lunch
Every second Wednesday
The format is simple: have lunch and listen, with the opportunity to ask your host questions and broaden your B2B connections.
The Yoga Vine Meditation
Thursday mornings
Through our BE WELL series, enjoy meditation sessions with the lovely ladies of Yoga Vine, Spacecubed's resident teachers in April.
The World is Your Elevator
First Tuesday each month
Make 20 connections in just 20 minutes with this local Speed Networking event that puts your business in front of real contacts.
Virtual Happy Hour at Spacecubed
Friday afternoon
Now at your house, my house and even Larry’s house, and you are ALL invited every Friday afternoon for a cold drink and connections.

Discover & Learn.

Our ecosystem is home to many bright minds, through Discover & Learn we bring you sessions and resources that give you the platform to present and the tools to adapt.
Let us enable you to DISCOVER each other with the event Business Bites, lunch time sessions hosted by you and LEARN from industry professionals by joining Spacecubed Invites a series of live sessions about what matters most right now.
Looking for more information on running Zoom meetings, conferences or even virtual events? We've got you covered! Click here to access a range of specially curated content.

Connect & Collaborate.

Physical Isolation, not mental, through Connect & Collaborate we enable time to come together and activities that see us succeed together.
CONNECT with Coffee Time, informal Monday mornings that give the human boost to start your day and COLLABORATE by joining the Spacecubed Virtual Adventure Race, a Coworking first!
Looking for more ways to connect and tools that will help your remote teams embrace isolation and collaboration? Click here to read more, and here to download Slack.

Build & Celebrate.

While building relationships within a physical space was the norm, we are now more dynamic than ever. Creating valuable business connections and celebrating our wins together just became global.
BUILD your network by joining us at The World is your Elevator event, where 20 connections in 20 minutes is a breeze and CELEBRATE each week at  Virtual Happy Hour where the refreshments are always cold (Unless you didn't put them in the fridge!)
Find here further networking opportunities and the businesses that can support our “at home” celebrations.

Move & Be Well.

Encouraging a healthy mind in challenging times and welcoming endorphins into our day!
Let’s MOVE together by joining our monthly resident trainers NES FITNESS and BE WELL through guided meditation and mindfulness techniques presented from the lovely ladies at The Yoga Vine.
Here we share the dynamic offerings of KIXFITT, an on demand fitness and wellness solution, as well as leading programs from the Smiling Mind.
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