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Lush, The Content Agency

With experts in corporate video, animation, 3D graphics, motion graphics, character creation, 360 video, virtual reality, and much more, Lush The Content Agency has your marketing strategy sorted. Enjoy access to Lush's large podcast studio, with an on-site audio technician available and the option for live-streaming your projects.

Demelza Leonard

Demelza is the founder of DL Social, and the creator of Australia’s only online radio station for small business, freelancers and students, Boss Mode Radio. The station, which launched in 2018, pairs inspiring and educational programming with upbeat and motivational tunes from the 80s to today and attracts a loyal listenership weekly.

Zion Ong

Director and owner of Alyka, Zion Ong offers a keen and unique approach to digital marketing offering his clients exceptional online results. Zion is also the host of 'Ask Alyka' a podcast empowering businesses through digital marketing knowledge.

RTRFM / The Sound Alternative

RTRFM’s local music hub that is home to over 50 different programs and is designed to promote Western Australian music on a national and international level, helping local bands take their rightful place in the world of music.

Abheeti Kathryn Pass

As a co-founder of the Crypto Clothesline Podcast and Where to Shop with Crypto, Abheeti interviews disruptive thinkers, both women and men involved in crypto and blockchain around the world, with a mission to educate and introduce more women into the industry.

Francis Norman

As the General Manager for Strategy and Innovation at NERA, Australia's Industry Growth Centre for energy resources, Francis is the host of the Energy Innovators Podcast, connecting listeners with some of the world-leading innovators who are working to bring the country a brighter energy future.

Charlie Gunningham

As the previous CEO of Business News, and the co-host of Startup West, Charlie now works full time in Accelerating Commercialisation for the Department of Industry, Innovation and Science's Entrepreneur's Programme. With extensive knowledge of the WA startup ecosystem, Charlie has been able to interview some of Perth's leading success stories.

Chris Herdman

As the co-host of Control Alt Record, Chris Herdman and his fellow podcast hosts, take their listeners on a weekly journey though the exciting and constantly changing world of gaming.

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