3 exciting business trends of 2017

A month into 2017, and firmly back into the swing things, we’ve decided to highlight 3 key business trends to look out for and take advantage of in 2017.

February 26, 2018

2016 was coined the year of ‘virtual reality’ by Deloitte, and global companies raced to unveil their latest technology in line with this trend. In 2017 we’ve decided to get back to basics, and identified 3 exciting business trends this year for you to follow; 

Crowdfunding - not just a tool for raising capital

Crowdfunding is no longer just a tool for raising capital and Forbes predict it will over take venture capital by the end of 2017.

With Kickstarter, Chuffed, GoFundMe and rising in popularity, these websites are being used by early stage businesses to validate their products and services.

Just recently, one of the latest startups to form out of Spacecubed's community, On Those Trays, validated their product and tested the waters in new markets using Kickstarter, and the results have enabled them to strategise their product more rigourously. 

Chuffed will be at Spacecubed to talk everything Crowdfunding for Social Causes on the 31st January, register your attendance here.

Andrew Hagen from Cycliq will also be at Spacecubed on the 16th of February running a class, how to run a successful kickstarter campaign - register here

Video tops the content charts

As content has been a recurrent trend in recent years for business, Video will now pip first spot in 2017. Quicker, more convenient and with improvements to video making software, Forbes reported that over 80% of businesspeople have admitted to watching more online video than this time last year.

Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter and youtube (of course), have all refined their video capability, and content is fast being dominated by the quicker, more personable and engaging media.

In terms of consumption, Hubspot’s Consumer Behaviour Survey found that 55% of users consume a whole video, as opposed to 29% who consume a whole blog post/article, make the most of this trend.

Need a video guru? Check out the Spacecubed community directory here.

Diversity and leadership

Deemed the year where Millennials take-over in areas of leadership globally, we now have more diverse leaders comprising the businesses in our economy, including more women in roles of leadership, leaders from ethnic backgrounds and in many other key areas such as gender, sexual orientation and disability. While further advocacy for a diverse workforce is much needed, and there's still a lot of hardwork to be done, 2017 is a year of opportunity where huge steps can be taken in the right direction. 

There's also a great opportunity to lead the way for Perth's, Western Australia's and even Australia's innovation. With new programmes such as the Plus Eight accelerator connecting local ideas with global markets, leaders can take the reins and drive results. 

Celebrate your diversity, establish an energetic, coherent and exciting business culture, and establish productive change this 2017.

Find out some of the great work the Spacecubed community are doing this 2017 and collaborate with Perth's most innovative using the Spacecubed directory here.

Not a Spacecubed member but interested in growing an idea into a successful business, or looking to increase your networking opportunities? Find out about memberships here or book a tour below:

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