Introducing Our Intensify Scholar: Michael Ford

If you’ve seen the wrapped blue trees down St Georges Terrace, then you may already be aware of Kendall Whyte and the incredible work she is doing at Blue Tree Project, and if not, read below to find out more about her story and why it’s OK not to be OK.

February 21, 2018

What is your startup?

My startup is called AgroPy, a recommendation engine for precision agriculture.

What was the inspiration behind your startup?

Coming from a farming background, I’ve seen how much money can be saved by farmers when they start using precision agriculture tools ($100’000s). However, these tools are normally platform restricted and hard to use. I think there’s a big opportunity to develop the next generation of tools that are not only more open and user-friendly, but integrate with the current, and future technologies that are coming to broad-acre farms.

What are your goals for the next month?

By the end of the month I’d like to have at least the basics of the software working and hopefully be testing it’s functionality with real-world data, as well as its performance (crop simulation) against other similar products.

Where do you expect your startup to be in 3 months time?

In 3 months time, I’d expect to the have most of core software developed and tested. I’d also like to have started integration with some “live”, on-farm data sources; such as weather stations, drones, and certain brands of connected machinery.