Managing Intellectual Property Value and Communicating Value to Investors with Griffith Hack

Ideas can come from anywhere: be it a part-time hobby in someone’s garage, a heated planning session over the kitchen table, or at the local university’s funded incubator. However, ask any venture capitalist and they will tell you: ideas and people willing to work hard are easy to come by. But, the process of maturing an idea (no matter how brilliant) into a successful business, that’s the difficult bit.

February 22, 2018

Very often, the difference between expansion and extinction for a startup is its ability to raise additional capital. The ability to communicate this value and justify its purpose is generally hard to complete in early stage startups.

Intellectual property is not just patents and trademarks. They also consist of knowhow and trade secrets which represent real hidden value. It is these hidden value drivers that provide startups (usually with no revenue or tangible assets) an alternative method of presenting an opportunity to investors from a 3rd party perspective.

Tim Heberden, Griffith Hack’s IP Valuation Director and IAM 300 member, will present some alternative options when it comes to raising funds and justify value through Intellectual Property Tech Ratings and Valuation Methods. Tim will introduce the concept of IP Ratings (as represented in the tech IP-table) that feed into an IP Valuation which both startups and investors can use to measure value.

Griffith Hack Event 24th May - Managing Intellectual Property Value and Communicating Value to Investors

Come and join Tim Heberden and Matthew Yeates at the Spacecubed Event on 24th May 2016 for a free presentation and networking event on “Managing Intellectual Property Value and Communicating Value to Investors”.

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