Meet Five Master Minds at this week's Couch Talks

Our Couch Talks series brings together women entrepreneurs who have experienced a plethora of challenges faced in their careers to share valuable knowledge with others.

June 14, 2018

If you’re looking to start the weekend with a boost of inspiration and wisdom, this Saturday morning is a great gathering of minds. Our Couch Talks series brings together women entrepreneurs who have experienced a plethora of challenges faced in their careers to share valuable knowledge with others. 

This session’s topic is Master Mind, where five key female leaders will drill down into not only how you can successfully achieve your best with your startup or business, but also have a meaningful impact. 

Women Entrepreneurs Couch Talks speakers
Chris Clements-Shepherd, Kim Kristoffersen, Nicole Ashby, Silvia Zaeper and Danielle Dinse

These events are a great opportunity to network with those who have gathered valuable experience as entrepreneurs and are generous to share what they’ve learned along the way. Be sure to bring business cards and dust off that LinkedIn mobile app.

Moderated and hosted by STARTConsulting’s Danielle Dinse, this panel session in Riff powered by Spacecubed’s ground floor Town Hall is a valuable resource for those after great insights.


Chris Clements-Shepherd
Twenty years’ worth of experience in PR and marketing strategy has brought Chris to work across various sectors – including travel, finance, health, resources and education. Coaching entrepreneurs since 2013, Chris launched The Joy Society for one-on-one coaching and marketing support. With a background in Commerce at the University of Western Australia, she also works as a sessional lecturer at Edith Cowan University,

Kim Kristoffersen
With a focus on managing organisational risks during key transformational changes, Kim has earned an impressive track record across a diverse range of organisations. As Director and Principal Consultant of STARTConsulting (as well as co-founder of), Kim has worked with large businesses to deliver, plan and facilitate these important changes. By working with employees and stakeholders, these new organisational structures and frameworks can be better accommodated for each scenario. 

Nicole Ashby
Carrying the unique title of Exposure Alchemist, the founder of High-Profit Media has a knack for gaining exposure to help build upon business owners’ authority and market leadership. Nicole’s experience building her previous company and selling it five years on gives her great insight into how a process like this can unfold. She has had plenty of coverage in national and international media as well – not to mention being a Telstra Business of The Year Finalist twice, and winner of the Business News 40Under40 award. 

Silvia Zaeper
For over twelve years Silvia has gained experience as a financial analyst and independent consultant in the corporate banking, oil and gas and telecom sectors around Australia, the United States and Europe. Working with multinational firms like JPMorgan Chase, Shell Oil, Baker Hughes, Sicap and CBA, Silvia’s curiosity in the future of work has sustained her successful career. Now part of STARTConsulting as a Freelancer and Associate Consultant, Silvia continues to follow her motto that success is “not defined by others, but ourselves to fulfil our purpose”.

Danielle Dinse  Host
Using her passion for technology, Danielle has transformed her skills as a programmer to bring people and tech together. An executive leader with over 15 years of experience in global banking and telecoms markets, Danielle’s career has taken her across the world, from the United Kingdom, Asia and America to Australia. As co-director of STARTConsulting, Danielle is using her experience in management positions within multinationals like Telstra, JP Morgan, UBS and Goldman Sachs to grow thought leadership within Australia.

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Saturday 16 June, 10am-1pm
Where: Ground Floor, Riff powered by Spacecubed, 45 St Georges Tce, Perth WA 6000
Price: $20 for Spacecubed members, $35 for non-members