Office Hours Mentor: Jonathan Soh

Office Hours is a free mentoring program designed to connect upcoming entrepreneurs with experts. Mentors provide advice, help you develop a specific skill or gain knowledge. This micro-volunteering (four hours a month) program puts you in contact with members who want to give back and share their insights.

February 6, 2018

Name: Jonathan Soh

Current Position: ANZ Super Regional Business Development Manager

Current Company: ANZ

Linkedin Profile:

Affiliations: AICD (Australian Institute of Company Directors)

Relevant Work Experience: My ability to interpret technology & understand ROI has allowed me to make good projections on how technologies will disrupt businesses since 2000s.

Education Background: 

Master of Electronic Commerce

Bachelor of Commerce – Banking & Finance

Key areas you can assist with: Pitch your early stage crazy ideas to me & I can help to refine it. Come to me if you need a second opinion, finance, business development, or networks.

Something people will find interesting about you: I am not a boring banker?

What are you passionate about: To see Perth transforms into a Down Under Valley that attracts innovators, entrepreneurs and capital by 2025.

Do you give permission for Spacecubed members to contact you directly via email? Yes.

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