Office Hours Mentor: Rohan Wallace

Office Hours is a free mentoring program designed to connect upcoming entrepreneurs with experts. Mentors provide advice, help you develop a specific skill or gain knowledge. This micro-volunteering (four hours a month) program puts you in contact with members who want to give back and share their insights.

February 8, 2018

Name: Rohan Wallace

Current Position: Director

Current Company: IP Sentinels Patent and Trademark Attorneys

Linkedin Profile: Rohan Wallace

Affiliations:  Fellow Institute of Patent and Trade Mark Attorneys Australia, Member International Federation of Intellectual Property AttorneysRelevant Work Experience:

  • Rohan has two decades of experience assisting businesses patent their inventions and register their trade marks in Australia and overseas.

Education Background: 

  • Computer Systems Engineering
  • Registered Patent Attorney
  • Registered Trade Marks Attorney

Key areas you can assist with: 

  • Protecting key assets of business through patent and trademark registration and advice in relation to patents and trademarks.

Something people will find interesting about you:

  • Science Fiction fan

What are you passionate about:

  • I want to help businesses succeed. Many don’t succeed or don’t do as well as they could because they don’t look after their Intellectual Property.

Do you give permission for Spacecubed members to contact you directly via email? Yes

Day of the week you prefer to volunteer: Thursday