Coworking Spaces & Hubs

Being a member provides access to our world-class coworking spaces and unique hubs in the CBD to help you be a part of a thriving environment, surrounded by like-minded individuals and businesses. 

Supporting members to achieve sustainability and growth

A space for impact-driven members in a collaborative environment, uniquely designed to spark new conversations.

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Leading a new generation of work

A seamless environment made for businesses to scale and reach their full-potential.

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An industry-specific hub, focussed on the resources industry

By colocating key corporates, partners, engineers and others working in the resources sector, you will find invaluable support for projects you are involved with.

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Supporting the Australian new-product development ecosystem

A dedicated hardware and maker space designed to create new electronic and mechanical products.

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An industry-specific hub focussed on the intersection of agriculture and technology

Look no further where some of the key players in disrupting the agricultural sector come together.

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There’s no better time than now

Connect now and be a part of a community harnessing local knowledge for ambitious projects in a supportive, collaborative environment.

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